Making a Dress out of Recycled Sari Silk

When the people at Darn Good Yarn reached out to me to see if I would like to make something using their Recycled Sari Silk, I was so excited! Especially because I really like what this company is all about. Head to their site, and read their story. They promote job creation and source products that are reclaimed and recycled... this is a company that I can feel good about getting behind!

They sent me 2 bundles of Recycled Sari Silk, and it was so fun opening the package to see what beautiful silks I had to work with! I think the mystery of what you will receive is the funnest part of ordering a bundle like this... especially using the pattern I chose for this project! (Btw, use MCKELLMAKES15 for 15% off anything you buy at Darn Good Yarn!)

After I received these beautiful fabrics, I threw them in the wash then got to work cutting out my pattern!

I chose to make a dress out of the remnants using McCall's #m7894. The main reason I chose this pattern, is because the pieces of fabric I had to work with where about 35" x 30". None of them were big enough on their own, so I knew I would need to cut them up and sew them together strategically to create a dress. This pattern took the guesswork out of it for me... all of the pattern pieces fit easily on each remnant piece, so I just needed to decide which pieces I wanted where.

If you are open to being creative and being committed to making a dress out of whatever pieces you receive, this can be a really fun sewing project! I wouldn't have ever put these fabrics together on my own, so being forced out of my box was such a fun experiment, and I love how it turned out!

I ended up using 4 different Sari pieces for this dress... which was one bundle, with some leftover!

The best part of this recycled silk, is the way it feels! It drapes on the body nicely and it feels heavenly to touch!

The only modification I made to the pattern, was sewing the opening of the slit in the front closed, instead of leaving it open. Other than that, I followed the pattern to the tee.

So go to Darn Good Yarn and order a Recycled Sari Silk Bundle and use this pattern and make this dress! (Geez, am I bossy or what?! haha) It's a fun project because you never know what you're going to get! And remember to use MCKELLMAKES15 for 15% off your purchase!


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