Sewing Room Makeover, Before and After

Updated: Oct 11, 2018

When we moved into our house almost 9 years ago, I was thrilled that there was an un-used room in the basement that I could claim for my very own. I decided I needed a cute, quick way to dress up the wall, and decided that 12x12 scrapbook paper put up all over the walls with glue dots would be a great idea. It was a great idea... for a long time, until it was time to take it down. Those glue dots don't mess around. :) I was scraping glue dots off of the walls for days! Haha.


So the first thing I knew I wanted to change once the scrapbook paper came down, was to put up new wallpaper. I found this amazing wallpaper at Spoonflower. I figured out how much I would need and put my order in. It was a pretty large order, and the people at Spoonflower emailed me and told me that with that large of an order, they like to send a sample ahead of time so that the customer can check in out in real life and make sure they love it before they get boatloads of it shipped to them. They overnighted me a sample and I verified that I loved it, and they shipped it immediately. How is that for customer service?!

Once I received the sample, I took it in to Home Depot and had them color match the background color and had paint mixed to match. We then painted the room and ceiling, which made a huge difference in that room!

The wallpaper was relatively easy to put up. We just wet the back and let it sit for about 5 minutes to get tacky. Then we stuck the paper to the wall and sponged out the air bubbles. Lining up the seams was the trickiest part. Once it was all up and dry, we went in with a straight edge, and cut the seams along the baseboard and window.

I bought the bookshelves and the desk from Ikea. The cute white chair is from Amazon, and I have to say, it is very comfortable! The mood board and the calendar on the wall above the desk are from Home Goods.

The cutting table in the middle of the room is just made from 4 bookcases that I think we got from Wal-Mart, with 2 table tops from Ikea on top. We just screwed the bookcase into the undersides of the tabletops, and pushed both sets together to create one large table. I can easily move them apart as well, if i want to change things up.

The big cabinet is from The Original Scrapbox, and I bought it probably close to 15 years ago. It holds a massive amount of stuff, and I keep all of my other craft hobbies closed away in it until I feel like I need to do something creative other than sewing. :)


And there you have it! I am super pleased with how it turned out! It is a much more inviting space to get my creativity flowing.

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